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Your Gateway to Prime Real Estate in Kenya. We are glad you are here. Thank you for taking the time to check our website. We are excited to walk with you in your land banking journey.

Our mission

Our mission is to democratize property ownership in Kenya by providing affordable, high-quality real estate options. We strive to empower individuals and families to secure their future through wise investments in land and homes. Our dedication lies in offering transparent, customer-focused services that simplify the journey of buying and owning property. 

By integrating local expertise with global standards, we are committed to fostering sustainable development and community growth, ensuring that every purchase with us is not just a transaction, but a step towards a brighter, more secure future.

Featured Listings

Genesis Gardens Phase 2

25-minute drive from Nanyuki town

Diaspora Gardens Malindi

Just 1.5Km off Salagate Bypass

Genesis Gardens Phase 1

25-minute drive from Nanyuki town


25-minute drive from Nanyuki town

Diaspora Gardens Malindi PHASE II

Just 1.5Km off Salagate Bypass

The Haven 3/4 acre nanyuki plots

25-minute drive from Nanyuki town


Simple steps

At Rafiki Concepts Limited, we believe in turning dreams into reality. get to own a property with us today by just following a few simple steps;


Get in touch

The first step is to get in touch with us once you come accross any of our properties that you are interested in.


Request a Site Visit

The next step is to book you for a site visit. We will take you to the site to go and view the property.


Take the Keys

Once you view the property, from there is making a purchase. All required documents will be provided.

Step 1: Inquiry and Consultation

  • Initial Contact: Reach out to Rafiki Concepts via phone, email, or visit our office.
  • Consultation: Discuss your needs and preferences with our expert team.

Step 2: Property Selection

  • View Listings: Explore available plots in Nanyuki and Malindi.
  • Site Visit: Schedule a visit to see your chosen property firsthand.

Step 3: Financial Arrangements

  • Pricing Details: Review the cost and payment options for your selected plot.
  • Payment Plan: Choose a suitable payment plan, if available.

Step 4: Legal and Documentation

  • Legal Process: Rafiki Concepts assists with legal procedures and documentation.
  • Title Transfer: Ensure all legalities are clear for a smooth title transfer.

Step 5: Finalization and Ownership

  • Payment Completion: Finalize payments according to the agreed plan.
  • Ownership Transfer: Receive official documentation confirming your ownership.

Rafiki vISION

Aspiring to be Kenya’s premier real estate innovator, Rafiki Concepts Limited aims to create lasting value and trust through accessible and profitable property investments

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Land in Kenya

Plots for sale in Malindi

Affordable plots for sale in Nanyuki

Secure your future today with Rafiki Concepts Limited.

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